Discover our Smart Line - Oh My Got Cufflinks
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Smart Line

Feathery Charm

Light as a feather, stiff as a board. Wear these cufflinks and they will elevate you above the crowd with a feeling of lightness and illumination.

Yin and Yang

In life, everything needs to be balanced. There’s no light without darkness. No happiness without sadness. No success without failure. May Yin and Yang inspire you to find the happy equilibrium.


Enclosed in a bright golden Zen circle, The Om represents the one-ness of all creation. May it inspire you to live in the moment and find the harmony you seek.

Unusual Business

Keep your dollars close at hand, until you are sure of your next move. Business is never usual, neither are these cufflinks.


The Hamsa offers protection, luck and strength. Wear it to have the world by the end of your cuffs.

Freedom Flag

Express your love for the land of the free and the home of the brave. Wear these cufflinks with pride.

A Cuff for Peace

Celebrate peace by keeping it close to hand. Wear these cufflinks to celebrate all the good in the world.


Tennis, the most elegant of sports! To celebrate this passionate pastime, Oh My Got put The Rackets in diamond jackets. Are you ready to serve your first ace?

Hole in One

Nothing beats a pair of Diamond Clubs to celebrate your love for golf. These cuffs are crafted with top-notch white gold and diamonds. Absolutely above par!

Diamond League

With these cufflinks, you enter a whole new ball game. These beautiful cufflinks are crafted with fine black and white diamonds. Here’s to you, the winner!

Go Long

Nothing can beat a man’s love for the game. These footballs are brushed gold and decorated with fine diamonds. Go deep and please look back!


Play ball and let your arm do the talking. Celebrate your love for baseball with these wonderful golden cufflinks.

Lucky Eye

To see the world in a different perspective look through a fresh pair of eyes. These cufflinks show the beauty in everything.

The Driver’s Seat

Take the lead from the driver’s seat. With these cufflinks, you are in control!


Every day should be your lucky day! Have you ever seen a four-leaf clover this beautiful? Crafted with high-quality gold, diamonds and emeralds, it truly is the rarest of good-luck charms.

Knock on Wood

Wear Knock on Wood to branch out into new and unexplored horizons. You’ll be out of the woods in no time!

Rock Of Gibraltar

Rock to the magic of gems, stun and inspire

Soothing Gem

Any time during the day, shrug your shirtsleeve to touch nature, peace, serenity and gem zen