Discover our Dare Line - Oh My Got Cufflinks
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Dare Line

Diamond Wings

Take the lead from the driver’s seat. With these cufflinks, you are in control!


At times, you have to roll the dice, take a gamble and let fate take charge. We bet these beautiful cufflinks, crafted with top-quality white gold and diamonds, will bring you all the luck you need!

Diamond Bubbles

Champagne is always a good idea. Always. Best served gold and on the rocks. Bring out the bubbles. After all, life’s a party!

Black Skulls

Cowards die many times before their death, but these Black Skulls are to die for. The question is: are you bold enough to wear them?

Eternal Kiss

Ever wondered what an eternal kiss would look like? With these cufflinks, you carry the kiss all day long.

Ever wondered what an eternal kiss would look like? With these cufflinks, you carry the kiss all day long.

Las Vegas

The lucky strike cuff, edging the odds with fine diamonds and gold.
One 18k pink and white golden pair of cufflinks, containing one hundred seventy six diamonds and one hundred twenty rubies.

Bolts of Lightning

Make a galvanizing impression by wearing these Bolts of Lightning. They are shockingly elegant!


These Vipers are nothing to be scared of. They won’t bite, but they will leave their mark on anyone who sees them. Wear them boldly.

Royal Family

Some occasions just ask for bold bravura. Wear Right Royal to get the royal treatment. You deserve it!

Crocodile Dandy

Diamonds that reflect power, agility, flexibility, and success

Jump Start

Tight with stress, cognitively loaded, take a break, jump to a perspective from the other side of the street


Night and day, see and be seen, with a diamond guided sense of sound, space, and the extraordinary

Pacific Sea Star

Dive in style to success and diamond elegance, poised by the power and grace of the sea

Blue Bird

Soar, glide, sweep through your day with diamonds and precious stones

Lady Bird

The collector – nature’s beauty and the fire of gems work their magic in intense, intricate, symmetrical style

High Flyer

Natural high flyers, weaving and winking the skies with gem-encrusted wings

Adam & Eve

Amazing combination of an iconic symbol with nature’s brightest diamonds

Golden Elephant

A powerful call from the wild, nature’s mighty warrior, tamed on your wrist, trumpeting diamonds

Eagle Eye

Soar with scintillating diamond-eye beauty

Lion Roar

Fiction transformed into reality and regal supremacy through diamonds

Imperial Dragon

With diamond encrusted fire, blaze your trail, today