Classic Line


The Moonstones are a portal to another place, another time. Lose yourself in their mystic grey depths. Who knows where you will end up?

Mediterranean Dream

Mediterranean Dream captures the essence of blue lagoons, pristine beaches and exotic exploration. An instant holiday feeling, right up your sleeve.


The Chameleons change color in unexpected ways. At times, reflecting sun-kissed grass. On other occasions, their color resembling a forest dawn in spring. Wonderfully elegant and mesmerizing.

Celtic mystery

Who knows what secret message has been hidden in the ancient symbols of Celtic Mystery? A promise of infinite health, wealth and prosperity? Timeless design for a wonderful future.

Double infinity

Infinity is a concept most people can’t seem to grasp. These cufflinks illustrate our yearning for everlasting love, life and happiness.

Money Clips

Whilst The Money Clips aren’t meant for keeping money up your sleeve, they will make you diamond elegant.

Paramount Purple

Purple has always been associated with emperors and kings. You might not be born in the purple, but wearing these cuffs will make you feel like a king!

Partnered Triangle

Diamond studded geometry of natural gems


A classic symbol of diamond elegance, all set to sparkle for generations


The Madison, beautiful diamonds set to exquisite elegance for every occasion


A wristful imperial diamond artefact with a thousand yard stare, that sets the scene