The vision

Diamonds have a rare, fascinating ability to romance, inspire and impress. Our vision is to capture this spirit and enhance it through the innovative designs and impeccably stylish settings of Oh My Got cufflinks. Treasuring style and individuality, David wants to create a very special experience for the person who appreciates the cachet of distinctive diamond cufflinks.

The Oh My Got team carefully manages every stage of the production process ensuring the highest quality of unmatched craftsmanship.

Oh My Got takes enormous care to ensure the ethical origin of our diamonds, the integrity of its supply chain and Oh My Got’s social responsibility. Our diamonds and precious stones are scrupulously sourced and our jewelry crafted by artisans comfortably at work in professionally organized, healthy environments.

Oh My Got insists on providing its clients with complete confidence in their buying which is why all diamonds and precious stones are certified by IGI Antwerp. Thanks to this globally respected certificate, you know exactly what you get: top quality natural diamonds and precious stones that will retain their value for generations to come.